20+ Games Like Zoo Tycoon

In our selection of games like Zoo Tycoon we bring you the very best business management and simulation games in the world, as well as games with animal themes. We hope you like them. Remember that by sharing your favorite games on our lists on Facebook and Twitter you can improve their rankings across our site.

Zoo Tycoon is a series of video games that are all about running a successful zoo.The games are essentially business simulation games, like Theme Park and Theme Hospital, but this time around taking the theme of a zoo. So, if you love animals and business, you should love Zoo Tycoon.

The series started back in 2001 and has achieved commercial success through its combination of great management and simulation gameplay and animals.

In the game your aim is to build as successful a zoo as you can by using the tools available to you. You can design the animals habitats and decorate them in such a way that the animals will feel happy and at home, and you’ll have to manage your finances, ensuring that you get lots of customers and that the zoo makes money. You’ll have lots of different combinations of animals to try out in order to create happy animals and happy guests.

In our list of games like Zoo Tycoon we’re bringing you the best of two worlds: the best business simulation games and the best animal games. There’s tons of hours of gameplay to be had right here. And remember, if you think our list needs a little adjusting, vote for your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter, using the buttons below, and we’ll update the list.

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Games like Zoo Tycoon

All right. So below you’ll find my list of games like Zoo Tycoon. Some of the games are for phones on iOs and Android, some are online to play for free without download, and some are forWindows, Mac and PS3 / PS4 / XBox One. Take a look.



Tomodachi Life

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Tomodachi Life is a fantastically bizarre game that falls somewhere between Animal Crossing and The Sims and incorporates otaku culture to create an unforgettably unique gaming experience.

At times, Tomogachi Life is downright hilarious, and at other times it’s completely flabbergasting (editor: “flabbergasting”? Heh.). You’re in charge of looking after a bunch of Miis, who need food and water and also like certain niceties and luxuries. They also love playing in minigames and letting you know what’s happening in their lives on their home island via a news desk.

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Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a game all about starting off as a nobody in the financial and business world and becoming one of the wealthy elite. You’ll start with nothing more than your lemonade stand, but as you play you’ll make important business decisions that will affect your business. Gradually you’ll work your way to the top.

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