Games That Are Similar to Minecraft

Games Like Minecraft

Clonk Rage

Clonk Rage is the current stable 2D title of the Clonk series.

The main focus of Clonk Rage is on the new fullscreen menu for player management and scenario selection which comes in proper gaming style and transitions smoothly into the actual game worlds. Players new to Clonk will find a completely reworked mode of control much closer to the principles of well known Jump’n’Run games.

The network code has been completely rewritten and now allows considerably faster internet play while still supporting the physically demanding landscape simulation of Clonk. This is complemented by numerous additional networking features such as a lobby, chat, and a new league server.

Clonk Rage is the first Clonk game to be released simultaneously for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

Total miner: Forge

Total Miner: Forge is a block mining sandbox game. It has Creation, Combat, Survival, Crafting and RPG elements. Share your creations over Xbox LIVE.

How much does it cost?

The current set price is 240 MSP or $3 on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
What will we see in future updates?

There are currently loads of features, ideas and more planned for Total Miner: Forge including:

Day/Night Cycle
More Enemies
More Game Modes
New Blocks, and Tools
Stay updated on the forums to get your say on things in future updates!
Is there a Multiplayer?

Yes there is a 24 player online multiplayer! You can invite your friends and start building and having fun! Players can join other’s worlds, host their own worlds, set permissions to each player, kick player from their worlds, and loads more! You can also play up to 4 players cooperatively (or competitively) with split screen on one Xbox.

Games Like minecraft: FortressCraft

FortressCraft is a video game released on Xbox Live Indie Games on April 8, 2011. FortressCraft is very strongly inspired by the two pioneers of the sandbox block-builder genre: Minecraft and Infiniminer. The game utilizes textured cubes to create the landscape, as with other games in the genre.

FortressCraft makes use of Xbox Live Avatars that are associated with each player’s Gamertag. Like the Creative version of Minecraft the first chapter ofFortressCraft has no set parameters, quests, or objectives—gamers are to forge their own personal worlds block-by-block alone or with friends on Xbox Live.


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