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We reveal the best games with Physx (games that use Physx engine by NVidia).

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This list reveals the best games with Physx–the best games that use Physx, NVidia’s realtime proprietary physics engine.

The Physx engine are available on all major machines including WII, XBOX 360, PS3, Windows, Mac and Linux.

video games with Physx offload their physics calculations from the CPU, which basically means the platform is able to complete other tasks instead.

Games with Physx, as we will see in our list, cover all different kinds of games genres, from shooters to adventure games to racers and beyond.
In our list of games that use Physx we’ve focussed on more recent games of the past couple of years. If you kow other games with Physx, let us know in a comment below, thanks!



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