Gears of War Judgment One of the best Spin-Offs, Say Critics

Gears of War Judgment reviews have been near unanimously positive among the top game reviewing websites. At a time when many game sequels and spin-offs fail to give gamers anything genuinely new, is good to see game developer People Can Fly actually putting in the effort to make a new gaming experience.


Gears of War Judgment Reviews

Here’s what the most important Gears of War Judgment reviewers had to say

IGN 9.2: Said the game was precisely what the series needed, making the game new while staying faithful to the series.

CVG: 8.5: Ben Griffin was impressed with the game’s new weapons and “tight” combat but did state that the game didn’t feel as essential as other titles in the series. 

Games Rader : 3 / 5 : Praised the game for creating an evolved sense of identity, while remaining faithful to the series.

OXM: 8 / 10: Praised Gears of War Judgment for having its own unique feel and style.

EuroGamer: 8 / 10 : Said the game felt a little familiar but loved its fast pace action-driven gameplay.

GiantBomb: 3/5 : Loved the declassified modifiers and the game’s challenge, but disliked the number of maps and said the multiplayer wont last long.

Destructoid: 9 / 10: Said Gears of War Judgment was well worth the purchase and even did enough to make people who aren’t fan of the series get into it.

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