Go Home Dinosaurs Indie Game Review

Fire Hose Games’ latest title Go Home Dinosaurs is available on Steam for $8.99, but is it worth your cash?


Todd Rex is one cheeky dinosaur. He’s got his greedy eyes on your BBQ steak but you’;re not about to let some fat dino steal your dinner, are you? Hell no. In Go Home Dinosaurs you’re mission is to defend that steak in a unique, BBQ-themes tower defence game. 

Go Home Dinosaurs is a game that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Its theme is universal, but it offers a depth of strategy that will get you hooked into its defence gameplay regardless of your age. In the game, you set up your weapons (which are manned by cute-looking gophers) and have them attack that pesky dinosaur.

Every level of Go Home Dinosaurs has a unique map on which you can position your defensive effort around the paths the dino will walk down. In order to get hold of your weapons you’ll need to unlock them by completing level. As with most Tower Defence game you must take finance into account. The currency in Go Home Dinosaurs! Is coconuts, which are obtained from palm trees. Click on a palm tree and you’ll grab coconuts. Clicking on the tree will also move your character to that spot. Once you have your coconuts you can spend them on cards, which are essentially towers.

The gameplay set-up is easy to grasp. Both younger and older gamers will get to grips with it quickly, but thanks to the strategy involved there is also a healthy level of longevity.

Possibly the best part of Go Home Dinosaurs is the graphics. They’re super cute—kids will love them—they’re bright, colourful and a joy for the eyes. Being a guy obsessed with cute stuff like Disney, I have to say the graphics in Go Home Dinosaurs! Definitely brought a smile to my face. The sounds aren’t quite as good, however. Some of the music is a little too childlike an the sound effects are painfully generic and repetitive. All in all the presentation is definitely for kids only, which is a shame. While the gameplay finds itself perfectly positioned to appeal to both kids and adults, the graphics and sound limit the game’s market to younger player’s only.

Concluding this review isn’t easy. The gameplay in Go Home Dinosaurs! is great and there’s enough strategy to create longevity and depth of play. But the graphics and sound so unfortunately limit the game’s market. I personally love cute games, so most of Go Home Dinosaurs! is great. .  . for me. There are many other gamers and reviewers, however, who will be put off by the style of the game.

Kids are going to absolutely adore Go Home Dinosaurs! And it even has enough strategy to appeal to adults too. 

Overall: 4 out of 5.

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