God of War Ascension: Kratos Never Had It So Easy: REVIEW

Is God of War Ascension a worthy entrant in gaming’s most asskicking series? Read our God of War Ascension review below.

God of War Ascension Story

Much like God of War Ascension’s box cover, the game starts with Kratos in chains.  Having broken his oath to Ares, Kratos is held captive by the Kindly Ones, the Furies.  To be fair, life for Kratos isn’t really that bad thanks to the parade of boobies which have been thrown in to try and help market the game (you  can’t beat boobies for marketing).

Flashbacks will flesh out the story, revealing what happened to Kratos up to his imprisonment. Were shown the Furies hounding him, attacking him and twisting his mind. We’re also introduced to the pathos that is to be expected from a game with God of War’s themes.

God of War Ascension’s story isn’t about to challenge Homer; it’s straight-forward and clearly directed towards an indulgence of combat and gore, much as the game’s protagonist is. The story and world of God of War Ascension are single-minded, but most likely fans of the will not mind the fact that again the title revolves purely around the action.

God of War Ascension Gameplay and Combat

The combat itself is fully bathed in its heritage, being packed full of string attack combos and quick time events, with the occasional puzzles breaking things up here and there. Combat is brutal, Kratos swinging his chains across the screen, tearing his blades through many enemies in one fell swoop and providing gruesome kills.

The rage metre is in place and grows as you inflict pain on your enemies. It drains whenever you are hit or when you aren’t attacking enough foes. Peaking your rage metre will enhance the damage output of standard moves and allow you to use special abilities. There are elemental attacks, sub-weapons and magic that make for yet more carnage. There’s a definite need for combat skills this time around and when you pull of a wicked combo you definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something .

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