God of War Ascension Sales Show Gamers Demand Better

God of War Ascenions’ disappointing sales figures show gamers demand more,  while Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider sit at the top of the sales chart after genuinely renovating the series. 

Kratos isn’t happy with God of War Ascensions sales figures. The game sold half of that of its predecessor. But then, given that Ascension did so little to innovate the series, and offered gamer’s next to nothing new, surely it’s got just what it deserved.

Gamers are demanding more creativity from games developers. The gaming world is fed-up with cheaply produced sequels and spin-offs that seem to only want quick profit in exchange for little work.

While games developers are naturally reluctant to spend too much on risky innovation, given the serious decline in video games sales figures, their approaching the problem from the wrong angle. It isn’t enough expect gamers to fork out the hefty sum that console games ask without giving them a genuinely new and exciting gaming experience.

Games developers need to recognise that gamers want new games. That much has been proven by the success of Tomb Raider, which actually did revamp its series and is now sitting pretty at the top of the sales charts.

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Paul Harrison

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