God of War Ascensions Gameplay and Combat Misses Mark: REVIEW

Though you have the opportunity to show your skills through combat in God of War Ascension, you never really need to be particularly skillful. The challenge level is low and you’ll easily get through the game whether you fight like Mike Tyson or Peewie Herman. You won’t need to master the combat in order to complete the game. Between the blocking, rolling and parrying you’ve got everything you need to easily fend of most enemies.

God of War Ascensions’s Combat. . . skillfully easy

Making things even easier is the fact that, even when you do get hit, enemy blows barely touch your health bar. Provided you have the slightest clue about range and basic attack and defence options, you’re never going to feel much of a challenge.

The combat comes a little unglued at times due to occasional camera issues. Though 90% of the time the camera is fine, when you take on numerous grunts the camera angle will ruin the precision of your moves.

If the combat is too easy, it does at least provide the epic spectacle we’ve come to expect from the series. Set pieces aren’t as good as they were, but they’re still pretty brutal at times.

Filling out the gameplay are the climbing sections, which are painfully linear, and occasional puzzles—the opening half of the game would have benefited  greatly from more of these.  The puzzles aren’t particularly creative nor difficult, most being based on gears and levels mechanics.

So, the single-player is adequate but far from jaw-dropping; how about the multiplayer? It’s bizarre, frankly. There are tons of things to unlock, including armour, magic and weapons and plenty of modes and arenas. There’s more than enough content to make the multiplayer lost, but does is it good enough for you to want it to last?

God of War Ascensions’ Freaking Weird Multiplayer

Yes and no.  The multiplayer is functional but a little weird. The central combat mechanic revolves around a rock/paper/scissors game of knowing when to attack, parry or block. Sadly, most players are just going to parry all day. There’s also the Trials of the Gods mode, which provides horde mode in solo and co-op  and allows you to build XP.

All in all, God of War Ascension has just as many pluses as it does minuses. It feels epic at times, but it’s also too easy. There are sick combos requiring skill, but you’ll never need to use them. There’s a ton of multiplayer content, but the basic mechanics of multiplayer gameplay simply aren’t enough to compete with other multiplayer games.

At the end of the day, you’re going to love God of War Ascension at times; but you’re also going to wish a little time had been taken to iron out the creases.

OVERALL: *** out of 5.

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