Gotham’s Joker—How Joker’s Set To Make You Addicted To The Show


Gotham series producer Bruno Heller has confirmed that Joker will soon feature in an episode of Gotham. The news is a strategic change for the series. Originally, Joker wasn’t supposed to feature in Gotham until much much later, but as Heller says “This is America. No one wants to wait.”


Gotham will be establishing an indirect connection to The Joker later this month.The February 23 episode will feature James Gordon and Harvey Bullock tracking down the Red Hood Gang, a team of criminals introduced during the New 52. The Red Hood Gang is led by Joker. This starts Joker’s storyline to future mass murderer.


Understandably Bruno Heller and company are starting the Joker’s storyline early on. If Gotham goes deep then there’ll be plenty of storyline to get through. Far more important than the amount of storyline Joker will have to cover in Gotham is the manner in which it’s developed.


Being as smart as Bruno Heller is, he and his team of writers understand that its imperative to the show’s success that fans be totally hooked to Joker’s storyline. That’s why they’ll be using many of the techniques of addictive storytelling.


Addictive Storytelling?


Addictive storytelling is precisely what it sounds like: writing a story in such a way as to make readers or viewers totally hooked to the show or book. The master of this is George R R Martin. Game Of Throne’s is one of the most addictive series of books ever. In Game Of Thrones, George RR Martin constantly creates new characters, makes the reader love them, and then gets read of them for a long time. Why? Because he knows that Game Of Throne’s fans will keep reading / watching Game Of Thrones until their favorite characters disappear.


It’s simple in a sense. The formula is this:


Introduce a character people love  /   Get rid of them   / Make people read / watch until the character reappears


Another master of this is WWE. WWE Superstars are constantly going and returning, because this introduces an element of delayed satisfaction that makes WWE fans addicted to the show.


So how does this relate to Gotham and Joker? Simple. Joker will be coming and going a lot. He’ll appear in random episodes, and you’ll never know which ones. That way, you’ll constantly watch the show so you don’t miss his next appearance.


This is the exact same reason why Joker won’t be in many shows consecutively. Give someone too much of what thye want and they’ll get bored of it. Tell a person that they can eat as much chocolate as they like and they’ll soon be bored of it. Tell them that they can only have it at set times, however, and they’ll become addicted and want more and more and more. Psychological tests have proven this, and the same is true for stories. Give people a little of what they want, then take it away, and you’ll make them crave more. And that’s precisely what’s going to happen with Gotham’s Joker.