Grand Theft Auto 5: Don't Get Scammed Son!

Grand Theft Auto scammers are being hunted by Take Two Interactive. 

Several sites, including and BetaGTAv.vom have been spreading a scam where they tell you you can sign up early to be a games tester on Grand Theft Auto 5. The reason for the scam is to get people to share the pages of their websites so their sites get visits.

As far a scam goes this is pretty small-fry. The sites in question aren’t even asking for money, they just want people to spread the their pages. Still, obviously, the sites are

Nevertheless, Take Two Interactive have decided to report the sites to  World Intellectual Property Organization, who have now taken the sites down.

The vast majority (possibly all) sites that ask for testers are scams, as I found out having reported THIS SCAM myself. If you’re asked to give details or share a page to be a games tester, it’s probably a scam, so don’t do it!



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Paul Harrison

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