Guild Wars 2: Asura Professions

The Eight Professions of the Asura in Guild Wars 2

I’m unashamedly making this list purely for the reason of listing my personal top 8 list for Asura professions simply because I’m so excited about Guild Wars 2 coming out. It’s right on us now!

My Personal Top Eight Asura Professions in Guild Wars 2


8:  Asura Thief: 
The thieves in Guild Wars 2 are masters of cunning and will use stealth and surprise, sneaking through the shadows, vanishing into thin air and stealing their enemies weapons. They are quick and witty and hard to hit.

Thievery is a bit dull compared to some other professions though, surely. I mean, you could summon the dead and control the elements . .. or steal stuff. .  .right.   “oooooh, I stole your hat. .  .” “Ohhhh. . . well then, I’ll just have to SUCK YOUR SOUL OUT OF YOUR BODY!”




7:  Asura Engineer

Guild Wars 2’s engineers are masters of mechanisms, playing with explosives and elixirs and all manner of dangerous tools. They can use turrets, bombs, grenades and mines.

Like the thief, this is surely just a boring option. Plus, I don’t get on with mechanical stuff AT ALL (I’m the kinda guy who gets a flat tire and calls the fire brigade).






6:  Asura Mesmer : 
The Asura Mesmer wage war with magic, using deception techniques like illusion, cloning and phantasms to confuse their opponents.

At least the Mesmer is interesting. . . but it’s not as goo as the other magic professions.


5:  Asura Warrior: 
These warriors use powerful weapons and a combination of speed, toughness and armour to survive close up battles. The longer the warrior stays in a battle the more powerful they become.

A solid choice. Sometimes a bit of up close smashy smashy is just what the doctor ordered.




4:  Asura Guardian:
Guild Wars 2’s Guardians dedicate themselves to protecting their allies by using the power of virtues. They are excellent tacticians and totally selfless. They will sacrifice themselves to protect their allies.

The guardian is at number four for virtue alone. Anyone who sacrifices themselves to protect their allies surely deserves some love.




3: Asura Necromancer : 

The Asura Necromancers use the dark art to summon the dead. They will use the power of lost souls and will soak up the very souls of their enemies. Feeding on the life force, necromancers can ever bring fallen allies back from the dead.

Might end up picking the necromancer. I mean it’s not every day you get to revive your dead comrade. Doubtlessly, the necromancer is one of the most interesting choices, and I reckon I’d love Guild Wars 2’s dark arts gameplay.




2: Asura Ranger: 
Using their keen eyes to target long range enemies, the ranger is perfect for picking off distant enemies.

The reason I’ve put this at number two is simply because I’m a huge fan of bow and arrows.




Asura Elementalist: 
These spellcasters channel the power of the elements, using air, fire, earth and water as their weapons. They are powerful in attack and able to cause huge damage in a single attack.

Nature is the most powerful force in the world. Being able to control the elements of nature is surely the number one power EVER! That’s why I’m choosing the elementalist!

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