Gunglugs Review: An Excellent New-Retor Side Scrolling Shooter

Let me let you in on a little secret, okay, but don’t tell anyone. I’m crap at Roguelikes. I mean, really pants at them. Gunslugs really isn’t an exception, I suck at it. As a reviewer, it can be hard to review games you clearly suck at without being a little negative. But that’s not the case with Gunslugs. Even though I have absolutely zero skill with this game, I still flipping love it.

Gunslugs is one of those new retro games, the kind that very few developers do better than OrangePixel. With Gunslugs, OrangePixel have created a side-scrolling shooter kinda like Metal Slug. Paying true homage to old side-scrolling shooters, Gunslugs is challenging, so challenging that at times it will have you ripping your hair out with frustration.

Gunslugs requires little explanation. In most ways it’s your classic side-scrolling shooter. Pick from one of a few characters, shoot through various worlds—each with two levels—pick up upgrades and new weapons, kill various enemies. .  .you know, it’s the traditional, time tested affair that we all know and love.

Let’s get back to the game’s difficulty though. It’s really hard. I haven’t completed it yet. But I absolutely love that, and I suspect most indie games fan will. As indie gamers we love the fact that, unlike AAA games, indie games actually offer a genuine challenge. Gunslugs does precisely that. If you want to compelte the game you’re going to need to work hard. The randomly-generated levels are painfully hard. Sure, there’s a bit of assistance, like a generous health system and unlockable chatacters, but overall Gunslugs is bloody hard.  The enemies gang up on you, with tanks, soldiers, grenade launchers and more, and there are land minds and barrels that blow up around you. You might as well face it: You’re going to die. It’s inevitable. You’re going to die over and over. But you’re going to like it.

The good news about all this death and the inevitable failures, is that the game always feels fair. If you die, it’s because you didn’t do good enough. If a boss kills you, it’s because you didn’t work out its pattern of attack.  Because it feels fair, you always want to keep playing, especially as you’ll be collecting coins and getting tons of upgradables as you go.

Gunslugs is an awesome side scrolling shooter that fans of the genre simply must play. So go ahead, give this page a LIKE below, if you want, but then get the hell out of here and go play this awesome game. Go on—here’s the link.

Paul Harrison

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