Halo 4 Director Creating Republique

Former Halo 4 creative director is so dedicated to genuine creativity he leaves Halo 4 to create new, more original title, Republique for iPad and iPhone

Remember when Halo 4 Creative Firector Ryan Payton left 343 Industries for not feeling creatively inspired by the project? Well after that move Payton founded Camofla, his own personal though small studio, where he could work his creative muscles to his heart’s content. He did so, creating Republique, a stealth /survival horror title coming to iPad and iPhone that takes place in an Orwellian future where people are monitored by big brother.

Republique stars Hope, a rather down to earth girl, devoid of the sexual-injection most gaming heroines receive. Hope is a vulnerable character, who must avoid combat by running away from or distracting her enemies in order to progress.

The most interesting news from Republique so far is that player’s won’t actually play as Hope herself but as a spectator who views Hope through the Big Brother-esque surveillance cameras. Players help Hope escape by giving her hints, like tapping on objects in the game-world or directing her to hide behind an object. Players can also create distractions to put enemy’s off of Hope’s trails.

It’s unclear where the main gameplay challenge comes from, but info so far seems to hint at forcing players to be highly mindful of their environment, looking for hints of enemies and also perhaps planning ahead as they direct Hope on her path to freedom. One thing is clear though, this is a highly creative project and Ryan Payton should be commended for his dedication to genuine creativity.


Paul Harrison

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