Here at GamePlayersReview we love it when a developer sets their aims at reviving a style of game that has fallen from grace. Hard Reset does precisely that, taking the classic shooter formula and reviving it with some new inventions and upgrades. Whether or not those new inventions make things better or worse is a topic of some debate. Let’s take a look at Hard Reset from Flying Wild Hog.

When you first begin playing Hard Reset it promises everything you could ever want from a shooter. The futuristic guns pack a punch, the graphics are beautiful, the plot gets you hooked into the story. You play as CLN, who is working for an extremely powerful corporation. When the Sanctuary is breached you are forced to down your whisky and head out to fight some robots who are trying to rob some artificial intelligence that could threaten the human race. Typically, there’s more to the story than meets the eye and you soon learn the truth about the corporation you’re working for. The story is told through cutscenes and makes for an entertaining narrative. The story’s hardly wordsmith material, but it’s plenty enough to get you into the game.

More important than the story is the graphics and gameplay, both of which are exemplary the majority of the time. Hard Reset is modelled in the classic shooter form, meaning that most of the action takes place in enclosed areas. The paths are wide and offer enough space for enemies to swarm in on you. You’ll inevitably get irritated from time to time when you find yourself locked in a corner of a room. In order to defeat your enemies you have to do more than shoot them. You’ll need to take advantage of the explosives littering the rooms. You’ll find plenty of strategy in the action, which helps to add depth to the gameplay.

Probably the absolutely best part of Hard Reset is the lighting effects. Blowing up an explosive barrel looks absolutely amazing. I’ve not seen any frame drops either, despite how many explosives I’ve shot at. The backgrounds are impressive too, with various structures and flying cars being seen in the distance.  Anytime you get tired of the action just take a look around the game world for some sweet eye candy. It looks stunning.

The interface is enough excellent aspect of Hard Reset. The HUD colourful and tells you everything you need to know. The layout is simple.

So, how about the guns?  You’ll get all the traditional artillery: shotgun, rail gun, grenade launcher. . . the only problem is that the guns all look the same. It’s hard to distinguish between your different weapons. It’s so problematic that you’ll need to decide which weapon to use before beginning a battle.

Another flaw in the game is the fact that all the enemies are robots. Let’s face it, it’s way more fun to shoot flesh and blood than it is to shoot metal. And there are only three different types of robots too. The problem is that, by only ever shooting robots, you never get that real visceral sensation of dishing out pain. You don’t see your victims reacting in agony. Given the amount of effort that has been taken over other aspects of the game, the limited number of enemies seems bizarre and is a real shame.

So what are we left with with Hard Reset? The gameplay and graphics are awesome and make this one shooter you should definitely check out, but at the same time, minor design flaws pull it down. Still, a great shooter, if a flawed one.



Paul Harrison

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