Heroes of Loot Review | Genre: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

I’ve played and reviewed plenty of roguelike dungeon crawlers over the years. The formula usually remains the same: slow, tons of loot, endless enemies on endless floors. Heroes of Loot, however, takes things in a new direction, adding enough variety to make itself a truly unique game.

Heroes of Loot is a fast and frantic action game that is perfect for playing in quick breaks in work. But it’s also perfect for spending the entire day on. Fans of Dungeon Crawlers are simply going to NEED to check this game out.

You play as one of the heroes (there are four) sent into a hellacious dungeon to lay the smacketh down on enemies, stealing their gold.  The more enemies you kill the more turn up in endless carnage.

Heroes of Loot’s dungeons are random generated, meaning that each time you play through the game it will be different. You probably expect that much. What might surprise you more is that the action is all in real time. Enemies are always attacking you and you have to fight them off, without the Turn Based Action.

Touching the screen reveals a virtual joystick with a button in the corner which fires arrows, uses magix, axes and so on. The control scheme is excellent. You’ll find the gameplay intuitive and immersive—the controls never get in the way.

The action is top notch. The enemies begin as bats and skulls then leads to all manner of beasts and monsters. It’s like a bullet-hell experience in a dungeon—which is awesome, by the way.

There are tons of pick-ups and items to collect. Shops gives you one item and you can find secret passages by shoving your way through walls. Magical runes make you super-powerful, giving you access to lightning and infernos with which you can quickly dispatch your enemies.

One of my favourite parts of Heroes of Loot has to be the stunning graphics. The pixel art is delightful, cutscenes add hilarity, and then there’s the soundtrack. .  .it’s all extremely well presented.

A minor problem with Heroes of Loot is the difficulty level. It starts off too easy then very suddenly becomes extremely difficult. At one point you’ll run into a giant beast you haven’t seen before who will kick your ass and leave you wondering when things got so tough.

Don’t let that minor flaw put you off though. Heroes of Loot is one hell of a game. The gameplay is amazing, the controls intuitive, the presentation faultless.

We award Heroes of Loot with the BEST DUNGEON CRAWLER GAME OF THE MONTH

Dungeon Crawler fans simply MUST head over to the game developers website. 

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