Hey, Listen. Guy Beatboxes and “Pianos” Sarias Song From Ocarina Of Time.

You already love Saria’s Song, right? It’s such a cute little tune. It instantly conjures memories of the first time you played Ocarina Of Time—ah, the memories!

Well guess what?

Talented Youtuber Marcus Veltri has only gone and recreated Saria’s Song from Ocarina Of Time on piano and beatbox.

How cool is that?

Marcus plays the (pretty complex) piano diddly (yes, I just said “Diddly”) while beatboxing himself for accompaniment.

That’s pretty darned talented.

As you probably know, Saria’s Song is heard when you’re exploring the Lost Woods in Ocarina Of Time. And it’s one of the best pieces of music in the game.

And as for Marcus. Well, he’s clearly one talented dude. His beatboxing is on point, and his piano playing is precise but also emotive.

And thanks to Marcus, you now have an excuse to play Ocarina Of Time again. Go on. Go do it. And when you get to The Lost Woods, start playing Marcus’ version of Saria’s Song. It’ll be awesome.

Here’s the video.

Watch. Enjoy. Share.

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