Highgrounds Indie Game Review — Magic The Gathering Without The Card

Highgrounds is a browser-based game that could very well be as addictive (and brilliant) as Magic The Gathering. It hurls you into the heart of battle, your only objective being to defeat your opponent’s city in conflict.

Highgrounds mixes approachability with strategy to create a deep yet readily accessible and highly playable game

In order to fight your opponent’s city you’ll take turns placing units in from or behind your city. A unit’s behaviour will then vary depending on where they are placed; they may attack or defend or generate the resources needed to buy further units. In the vein of a card shuffle, you’ll then be assigned a new group of units and the process continues until a city lies in ruins.

One of the best parts about Highgrounds is that its incredibly approachable. Anyone could readily pick-up-and-play this game. Yet, at the same, the variety of units available creates a very healthy degree of strategy and flexibility to the gameplay. You can also purchase booster decks with real money. As you might expect, your real money will nab you some very strong and valuable units. That said, you don’t need to pay for anything. There are still characters to unlock in the single player.


Overall: Thanks to its brilliant combination of approachability and challenging gameplay, Highgrounds is a game for everybody, one that you can begin playing quickly and have a blast but can also get deeply into thanks to some great strategy.


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