Hitman Absolution Contracts Mode Gameplay

Hitman Absolution needed to redeem itself after the absurdly stupid publicity stunt in which a trailer was released showing Agent 47 (Hitman Absolution’s lead character) killing a bunch of PVC clad nuns.

Hitman Absolution director Tore said that no one of the hundreds of people in-house to have seen the trailer thought is would cause an issue. “We were surprised by the reaction to it. If we knew it would get such a negative reaction we would have done it in a different way.’
Naturally, this leads us to question the wit of the 100 people to have seen the trailer, but heck, the damage is done and it’s time for Hitman Absolution to move on.
The negative reaction to the nun trailer let Hitman Absolution requiring a bit of a facelift lest its popularity suffer a decline.
One thing that certainly will aid the redemption of Hitman’s, if not good, at least popular name is this: the details of the new contract mode, which is certain to please fans.

Hitman Absolution allows you to “challenge the world and make custom hits yourself.” Check out the video below for the full lowdown on Hitman’ Absolutions contracts mode.



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