Tell Capcom How You Would Design Street Fighter 5 after Street Fighter 4?

Okay guys, it’s over to you again. We need your best ideas for design improvements to be made to Street Fighter 4 to make Street Fighter 5 for PS4 and XBOX 720 the best fighter in the world.

Capcom have hinted that they’ve begun work on Street Fighter 5 and naturall, both Capcom themselves and we, the gamers, want Street Fighter 5 to be the best Street Fighter yet.

As usual, if we get more than ten quality answers in the comments below and 100+ Likes to the question “How would you design Street Fighter 5” this page will go to Capcom PR.

So, I’ll start with my own opinion. . .

How I would redesign Street Fighter 5 after Street Fighter 4. . . 

Being a semi-serious, often tournament-going Street Fighter player, the most important thing for Street Fighter 5 for me is  training. I want the game to accommodate for serious training. To do that, I’d personally change the following:

Directly connect training room to online mode: It should be possible to jump straight from the training room to an online match, and vice-versa, without all the loading screens. This way, as son as you finish a match, you can go into the training room and learn from the mistakes you made in the match.

Frame date: There’s no reason frame data shouldn’t be visible in the training room, possibly with hitboxes too.

Match analysis: Include stats for the most punished moves, hardest hitting combos, number of whiffed moved etc to allow for quicker gameplay analysis.

Detailed tutorials: Tutorials in Street Fighter generally don’t exist or aren’t that great. The game should actively teach players how to get to an okay, semi-tournament level.

Okay, those are my personal main design changes for Street Fighter 5. Add your own design improvements in a comment below, hit like, and if we get enough interest this page is going straight to Capcom PR.

Paul Harrison

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