I Cant Escape by Fancy Fish Games: Review

Intro: Fancy Fish Games’ new title, I Can’t Escape, freely invites you to experience the pleasure of being trapped in darkness in a flash / horror game. But is it worth paying nothing to experience the horror? Why yes, yes it is.

I Cant Escape Review

I Can’t Escape begins innocently enough with a beautiful and cheerful meadow in spring beneath a relaxing blue sky. Then smash, you’re grabbed from out of nowhere and pulled down a hole into blackness.

Now trapped behind a locked door, you can see a ladder you can’t reach, a ladder that might lead to freedom. If only you had the key to the door.

As you search for freedom you’re pulled deeper into a labyrinth full of traps and horrid creatures.

Though at times the puzzles will aggravate, it’s the fear that gets to you the most. Fancy Fish Games pull at the strings of your mind, building dread and trepidation. The further into the labyrinth you go, the more your mind is torn into suspense and horror.

Adding to the suspense and horror of the title is a chilling score composed by sound designer Chase Bethea. Approaching monsters are marked by rumbling bass notes, there’s the subtle hint of chanting, giving a quasi-spiritual sense to the music, and the sound effects, ranging from moans to clunking feet approaching, brew terrifying imaginings that create a deep and chilling atmosphere.

The graphics will remind players of Doom and other classic horror games. The environment feels a little stale, but textures like vines and slimy walls add a sense of realism. As for the monsters, they’re scariest when hidden in the dark. When seen up close, they’re rather basic, lacking any genuine horror. A little more imagination in their design would have gone a long way.

Naturally, all the good of the game design would be worth nought without solid controls. I Can’t Escape’s control system is simple, using arrows, mouse or touchsceen for movement, with keys being picked up as you move over them and doors opening by themselves.

There’s a limited sense of movement in the game which helps to amplify the sense of constriction that already permeates the game.

 All of this adds for a chilling experience that is well worth a playthrough—especially given that I Can’t Escape is free. Play it HERE and experience the horror for yourself.

OVERALL: 4.5  /   5


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