Games As Psychology Lessons: Action And Reward

Games  As Psycholoy Lessons #2

Action And Reward


“I want it all and I want it NOW!” Damn we gamers love rewards. From cutscenes to Big F***ing Guns to Body Armour to new characters, we always want more more more! Yet we can’t just take. As gamers we have to earn our rewards. We have to plough through waves of enemies, make daring leaps from platform to platform and level up our characters one stat at a time as we continually move from action to reward to bigger actions and bigger rewards

In This Article :

–How our gameplay is motivated by staggered rewards

–The 5 “Types” of reward

–The Top 10 In-Game Rewards

–How to apply the law of rewards to life.


The balance between action and reward is one of the most essential factors of game design. In order to motivate the gamer through level after level after level, it is imperative that a game give the gamer cause for action. We don’t just jump the platform for nothing, but in the hope that we’ll bag ourselves a new gun. We don’t spend hours exploring just for curiosities sake, but in the hope of finding a rare gem. A sense of reward permeates all, and in understanding how game designers motivate our actions via rewards we unveil a powerful truth not just about games and gamers, but about humanity itself.

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