Indie Game Review: Cube & Star: A Love Story

“Now that you have grown large enough to bounce into the world on your own, I will leave you with some advice. Wander and leave a little life wherever you go. . . Fill your heart with joy and leave the world a more colourful place than when you entered it.”

When the trailer to a video game is narrated with such melancholia it’s clear the developer is fixing their aim squarely on the “Games as art” debate.  Cube & Star: A Love Story—the title itself the sort of abstract construction one might associate with modern arts—is the creation of Doppler, known for games that meditate not only on game design but on life itself.

Cube & Star A Love Story Review

In Cube & Star: A Love Story you play a colourless young cube who must journey into the world to live his own life. You are cast out, away from your too cloistered existence, into the depth of the world, a monochrome landscape.

As you discover the world you will come into contact with different objects, which drop colour staining you—the abstract expression of the cube’s self discovery through outside influence. Each experience drains you, leaving you needing to replace colour as you search for the meaning of your existence in the wide world.

Cube & Star A Love Story Review

Narrative is told through creatures and shapes who share their stories and experiences with you. There is a pervasive sense of melancholy, as evident in the graphical design as in the musings of the creature and objects you meet. Words and colours unite in intelligent design to create a deep and atmospheric experience. It is this atmosphere, this unique feeling that players will remember from Cube & Star: A Love Story.

As the game unfolds it becomes clear that the pervading message is one of self discovery–flying from the nest, finding oneself out among the wide world, the influence of other creatures, objects and experiences colouring our personality. It’s a story that’s been told countless times before, but which here is told in a different light. Cube & Star: A Love Story is as close to poetry as video games come. If you’re a fan of artistic games, you simply must head over to the developer’s website.

Paul Harrison

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