Indie Game Review: Dead Pixels by CSR Studios

Our latest indie game review is for the action packed zombie game Dead Pixels, from indie game developer CSR Studios. 

Indie Game Review: Dead Pixels by CSR Studios

When I tell you that Dead Pixels is a zombie game you’ll likely think “Urghhh, how many do we need?!” But hold that thought. Dead Pixels is a good zombie game (immediately catapulting it above most of its brethren). It’s packed full of weapons, upgrades, loot and, yup, zombies. Dead Pixels is like a polished version of everything that makes zombie games great.

There isn’t a long story, and the minimal story that is in the game certainly wont win awards. But don’t let that put you off. Dead Pixels is all action. Grab a gun and shoot it. Throw a grenade. You know the stuff. You can also play co-op with a friend to double the fun.

In Dead Pixels you find yourself in a city full of zombies. You must survive. To do so you wont just shoot zombies, but meet and make trades with other survivors, you’ll also pick up loot from zombies. .. because zombies carry loot, apparently. . . anyway, moving on.

As I’ve said, this game is all about gameplay. Youll find yourself in order sorts of zombie skirmishes, outnumbered and with nothing but your trusty gun and grenades. You’ll witness your partner die—at which point they turn into a zombie and try to eat you, as the best partners always do.

The best part of Dead Pixels is the pace. It’s fast and full of action. You’ll feel like you’re in pixel hell/ Beneath all the action is a healthy amount of strategy. You’ll need to manage your ammo wisely and make smart trades. You’ll also need to be good at shopping as different stores have different goods and you’ll need to make use of whatever bargains a shop offers.


A game all about zombies, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are many different zombie models in the game. Some zombies spit at you, others run, all, however, have a fine appreciation for brains.

Another great touch is the soundtrack. It’s a rock / metal affair that might not have you headbanging but certainly does more than enough to compliment the gameplay.

Dead Pixels is has excellent presentation, great strategy (which is often missing in zombie games) and is a heck of a blast. Personally, I recommend it far above the average zombie title. Check out more on this great game over at the game developers website.

OVERALL: **** out of 5.

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