INDIE GAME REVIEW: Escape Goat 2– The Great Escape

Released to coincide with the anniversary of the real great escape, Escape Goat 2 presents a beautiful, puzzling, mind bending escape game.


Magical Time Beam’s Escape Goat, released in 2011 for XBOX 360, was already a solid puzzle game. The sequel, The Great Escape, brings back everything that made the original good, while improving on virtually every aspect of the game.


The most obvious improvements with Escape Goat 2 are the graphics and the vast amount of new puzzles, but likewise improved are the controls, the art style, the music… virtually everything.


Your mission in Escape Goat 2 is simple: save your animal friends from sanctuary. Your goat is accompanied by a tiny mouse. Together they must solve puzzles and unravels the mysteries of the strange, nightmarish tower they are in. After each section of the game you’re shown a cryptic message that helps you to unravels the mysteries of the place. The story teases, gradually revealing itself in a way that hooks you and keeps you playing.


The gameplay of Escape Goat 2 is masterful. The controls are absolutely spot on and the 2D puzzles offer a real challenge. I’m not the best puzzle solver, so it’s fai to say I was scratching my brain over many of the game’s levels. To get through those levels you’ll be jumping, headbutting, running and using the mouse. The mechanics are simple, but they are used in highly creative ways that keeps the gameplay fresh from start to finish.


Escape Goat 2 sounds cute on paper, but it’s anything but. It’s harsh. If an enemy touches you you’re dead. That means you’ll need to memorise the layout of levels in order to succeed. You’ll also be on your edge of your seat as the threat of death is all about and means you have to think fast and be “on your toes.” While you can forego the saving of your animal friends, making the game a little easier, there is still a heck of a lot of challenge. By the time you reach the end your brain will have received a real wracking.


The real brilliance of Escape Goat 2 is in the game’s presentation. The graphics and the soundtrack are both exceptional; together they create a very unique style that will make Escape Goat 2 memorable for years to come.


I highly recommend heading over to the game developer’s website and taking a look at Escape Goat 2, but just a warning: your brain is going to be seriously taxed. A challenging, unique and exceptionally well designed puzzle game, Escape Goat 2 is a must.

Paul Harrison

Paul M Harrison is an entertainment journalist, novelist, and blogger, and a specialist in the theory of storytelling. Paul Harrison can be contacted via his personal website or on Twitter or Facebook.

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