Indie Game Review: Forever Lost by Glitch Games

Glitch Game’s new title Forever Lost: Episode 1 is the first in their series of P&C adventures.  In the games, you find yourself inside a sinister looking building suffering from amnesia. Your mission is simple: escape. But just where is the exit and how did you get in the building in the first place?

Forever Lost isn’t an original type of game, but perhaps this doesn’t matter given that the graphics and music make it feel like a new experience even if it does rely on existing gameplay mechanics.

You’ll definitely find yourself wanting to explore the mysterious place in which you are lost. You’ll find bizarre, often creepy and mysterious writings on surfaces, along with diaries that spark your imagination and want to uncover the truth about your whereabouts.

The main challenge in Forever Lost Episode 1 comes from the puzzles, which take a logical nature but also include maths and various object-related puzzles. Thankfully there are hints available that stop you from ever getting stuck.

Though a little random in places, Glitch Games have made sure to include enough concepts and creative elements to keep you playing. My personal favourite is when you find an iPad and play Zelda on it. Little touches like this keep the game feeling exciting.

Though Forever Lost is not particularly long, you do feel like you’re getting good value thanks to high production values and the sheer creativity the developer shows.

As always, one of the main things I look for in reviews is uniqueness and creativity. A game that offers a new experience is always a good thing. Forever Lost does precisely that, for which I have to recommend it highly.

Paul Harrison

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