Indie Game Review: Glaciators from We Get Signal

You may remember independent game developer We Get Signal from their title Super Busker. Now they’re releasing their new title, Glaciators, a downloadable game for PC that costs just $1. It’s an action packed title with super cute characters.

In Glaciators, each player (up to four) takes control of a team of three skaters. This isn’t regular skating though. Instead, you’re killing other teams by throwing javelins at them (which, honestly is pretty awesome). The aim is to be the last surviving team when the sixty-second match comes to an end.

You play against three other teams, which can either be controlled by another player or by AI. The AI is fairly decent; good enough at least to provide for some good games. That said, the computer will occasionally send its skaters hurtling into walls. .. so it’s a little suicidal at times.

Suicide notwithstanding; Glaciators is lots of fun, mostly thanks to the fact that you’re throwing javelins at the opposing team of skaters. “Javelins on ice” is always a winner (actually, “Javelins on Ice” would be a good name for this game, IMO).

To control your characters you just use the directional keys and a key to throw the javelins. It’s simple, which is great because it means you can enjoy the laughs of the game without worrying about the controls. The only problem is that your skater wont respond until you click the mouse on the playfield. It’s not a massive issue, it just shows a little lack of polish to the game.

The presentation in Glaciators is bright and crisp and the soundtrack is upbeat and fun. For some bizarre reason massive blue blocks representing holes in the ice appear out of nowhere. It wouldn’t have taken long to make them look a little nicer and, again, this is another area showing lack of polish.

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh with the “lack of polish” comments though. I mean, odds are you’re not going to play Glaciators for it’s graphics. You’re going to play it because its simple and a heck of a lot of fun.

If you , like any sane individual, love the idea of throwing javelins at skaters (and I know I do) then pick up a copy of Glaciators from We Get Signal today. It’s simple-minded hilarity at its best.

Paul Harrison

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