indie Game Review: Greg Anim's Skullface

Super Meat Boy meets his match at the hands of Greg Anims new game Skullface, a hardcore platform game certain to test your gaming prowess.



Skullface is the type of platformer that will have even the best gamer restarting levels over and over again (making it, for many gamers, more enjoyable than those nasty new AAA titles which are, let’s face it, far too easy). You won’t mind restarting a level time and again though thanks to brilliant controls and fluid gameplay.

 Perhaps the best thing about Super Meat Boy is its pacing. While many levels are very difficult, you’re given enough time to learn the game as you play through it before being beaten with the difficulty stick.

The only drawback to Skullface is that it could use a few more levels. It’s a quick game that’s over too soon. It would be great to see some more levels for this terrific game; there’s certainly a lot of potential here!  


Paul Harrison

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