Indie Game Review: Majestic-12 by Exis Interactive

Majestic-12 by Exis Interactive is a game packed full of carnage but backed with a healthy amount of depth, creating a deep and engaging gaming experience. Majestic-12 is a 3D side-scrolling shoot-em-up in which your mind will be blown as you desperately try to dodge millions of bullets.

The story behind Majestic-12 doesn’t aim to be hugely original. Aliens are wrecking Earth and you have to destroy them. Simple formula but heck, it aint broke, why fix it?

You’ll be introduced to the game comfortably through some easy early levels but before long the difficulty will rise to the level of full-blown bullet-hell. Your missions will be displayed when loading a new level and most are simple in concept but challenging to complete. You aim with a crosshair which is adequate though at times a little wonky.

Majest-c-12 has eight levels, each with a unique environment and tons of enemies that include boss battles. Some levels offer gameplay diversity by having you play on foot. There’s also co-op for 4 players and a survival mode and versus mode. There’s online play, though it’s a little laggy.

Adding to the longevity of the game are 40 achievements to be unlocked and tons of weapons. Still, it’s the basic thrill of the all-out action and carnage that will be the game’s biggest draw.

The worst aspect of the game are the graphics. It’s cartoonish, bright and matches the game’s theme, but it lacks polish and a little more attention to detail would go a heck of a long way.

The soundtrack makes up for some of the graphical issues. It’s a rocky style of music that matches both the theme and the gameplay and helps to get the gamer immersed in the experience.

Majestic-12 doesn’t concern itself with being the most unique title out there. It’s more concerned with being a solid entry in its genre, and it succeeds for the most part. If you love bullet hell carnage, Majestic-12 is more than worthy of your consideration.

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