Indie Game Review: Monaco: Best Indie Game of the Year So Far

Back in 2010 Monaco won the IGF with a stunning prototype that blew everyone away. Now, in 2013, the game is being released as a heist game that could very well become the best indie game of the year.

Monaco is the best indie game of 2013 so far

I’m not going to beat around the bush here: Monaco is a phenomenally unique and utterly compelling gaming experience.  The game is a top-down crime game  that is hard to do justice in words. Watch the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean. . .

Monaco Game Trailer

To say the least, this is a game with its own unique style. And in gaming, a unique style is extremely important. After all, it’s one thing playing a high quality iteration of a shooter you’ve played a million times before, and something altogether different to experience a genuinely new type of game.

In Monaco, each character has their own skills and abilities and each character can also pick an item. This combination of skill + item then determines the way in which the character will infiltrate the environment of whichever level they’re in (and there are a lot of levels). Characters also have unique storylines which develop throughout the game. Naturally, with unique character abilities, unique tools and multiple stories, you’ll also be getting a healthy slice of longevity with Monaco, which is the icing on an already divine cake.

In order to get through levels you’ll need to avoid police and guards while using your abilities to reach the goal. The manner in which you do so will be heavily dependent on the character you choose, and that, in itself, isn’t an easy choice given the sheer quality of character design. All players are certain to have their favourite character, and that character will lead the gamer through a unique experience.

I’m feeling a little guilty now as I’ve used the word “Unique” about a trillion times in this review (my old English teachers would not be impressed). But unique really is the word for Monaco. It’s yet another indie game that seems to stick 2 fingers up at AAA game developers. Where so many major game releases fail to offer anything new, indie games like Monaco are entirely new, and they deserve recognition.

Monaco is a game that makes me feel excited about the future of indie gaming. It’s one of those titles that makes clear that there are still tons of new ways in which games can be designed, tons of new creative ideas just waiting to be explored.

Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, Monaco is a masterpiece. I only have five stars to rate the game with for this review, and it’s getting all five. I kinda wish I could give it 6 out of 5 though.

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