Indie Game Review — Primordia

Primordia wants to grab your imagination and pull you into its intelligent, depressing and engrossing story; is it an adventure worth embarking on?

Launching your first game is no mean feat for a developer. Not only is there the small issue of creating a quality game in the first place, there’s then the bigger issue of convincing potential players to actually bother picking up a title by a developer they’ve never even heard of. Needless to say, it’s one heck of an advantage for said developer to find the backing of an established team that players already know well.

Wormwood Studios, with the support of Wadjet Eye Games, are looking to creating a debut hit with Primordia, a game in the vein Machinarium / Gemini Rue.

You play Primordi, Horatio, a humanoid robot-engineer who likes to spend his time fixing things, inventing things and generally doing a spot of the old DIY here and there. He’s so good he’s even gone and built himself a companion, Crispin, a flying sidekick. The two live happily in UNNIIC, a ship in a wasteland. Things are alright for them (if a little dull), at least until another robot stole their ship’s powercore. Now they’ve only got a couple days to live. Their only hope is to go after the thief in the city of Metropol, a land full of electricity.

Primordia’s plot is front and centre to the game. It’s a thought-provoking story that involves itself with religion and other such heavy themes, but which also makes sure to lighten the mood with some quality humour here and there. The dialogue is excellent and the characters are well created and believable. There’s also an all-pervading depressive mood that is far more engrossing than most.

The intellect of the story is matched with that of the gameplay. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled not o miss important items and the problems and puzzles are sure to satisfy. Primordi will definitely test your brain-cells.

Between the brilliant puzzles, the atmospheric mood and the intelligent and involving story, it’s fair to say that Primordia is one hell of a debut game.

Grab yourself a copy of Primordia today. It won’t disappoint!

Primordia Overall: 8.5 / 10


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