Indie Game Review: Rexzilla by Orz Laboratory

Orz Laboratory’s new game Rexzilla is a retro platformer starring a young kid in a dinosaur outfit. With gumballs, aliens, space travel and more—not to mention the generous 50 levels—there’s plenty of content in Rexzilla to sink your teeth into.

Rex went off to bed late one night only to wake up a little later. Stepping out to the balcony he takes a look outside only to see two aliens skulking into darkness bragging about the number of gumballs they’ve stolen from Rex.

Rex puts his dinosaur outfit on, becoming half-duno-half-kid and follows the aliens into the night.

Rexzilla’s gameplay is all about walking, jumping and shooting, as Rex goes about finding his gumballs before activating a teleporter to exit the stage. Rex can jump on enemies to dispatch them, but it’s important to be nippy on your feet to keep Rex safe. You’ll need to think fast, be accurate and work your brain to solve puzzles if you’re to make it to the end of Rexzilla.

Rexzilla is such a childike, playful and innocent game that honestly, I’d feel kinda guilty to give it a less than positive review. Thankfully, itls also a good game. It’s simple but fun, not exactly jaw-droppingly beautiful, but of a high enough presentation to make you want to play, and there’s also a fair bit of challenge.

Check out Rexzilla over at Orzlaboratory for more.

Paul Harrison

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