Indie Games Review: Melodisle by Andrew Gleeson

Anrew Gleeson’s new game Melodisle casts you out at sea on a lonely island. You play as a little character who looks a lot like Fez. As this little guy, you’ll be running and jumping in typical platform-game style but, uniquely, you’ll also be engaging in some singing, hence the title “Melodisle.”  That’s right, this is a music platformer in which you affect the environment by using your voice.

See, this is why I love indie games, for the innovation of gamelplay ideas like this.


You move using the [ARROW] keys and jump with [Z]. Using [X] you can use various machinery littered about the island. The most important part of the gameplay, however, is the ability to sing different tones by using the keyboard. Using your different pitches you can affect the environment. With these controls you’ll need to set about finding the musical quavers, which will turn into a key allowing you to exit a door.

The main challenge in Melodisle comes from puzzles, some of which are relatively straight forward, some moderately complex and others. . . well, they’ll leave you screaming rather than singing.

Being a game reviewer who loves nothing more than new and unique gameplay styles and genuine creative endeavour from developers, I truly have to rate Melodisle highly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect and at times it’s frustrating. But what Melodisle does right is presenting its own charming little style of game which creates a new experience for gamers. And anytime I can say a game offers something genuinely new, I have to applaud the developer.

Paul Harrison

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