iPad Games Review: Slamjet Stadium

In Slamjet Stadium you play as a team of two vehicle inside a stadium. On control your vehicles you slide your finger behind them and let go. This sends them zooming around the arena.  A team of two opposing vehicles are on the other side of the field and a ball is in the middle. Your aim is to score goals.

Though the game begins like some mad version of Dodgems as you batter the heck out of your opponents, inadvertently scoring own goals as you do so, it quickly develops into a competitive title which matches arcade style action with strategy.

As though the game weren’t mad enough already, the chaos only heightens when you take into account the arenas themselves. The packed full of hazardous like spinning blades or lava. All in all this makes for hilarious and action packed carnage which is truly entertaining.

Though the single player game is a lot of fun, it’s nowhere near as good as the brilliant multiplayer. Playing two player on one device adds real life madness to the already chaotic title, as you nudge one another out the way.

There’s a real spark of that old arcade feel to Slamjet Stadium. It’s literally bursting with action. Indie developers should take a lesson from this game. There are very few iPad titles out there that are as much fun as this.

Paul Harrison

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