Jones on Fire Indie Game Review

Independent games developer Glass Bottom Games’ new title “Jones on Fire” is an auto-runner platform game starring firefighter Emma Jones. Your mission is simple: escape the inferno while saving as many kities as you can.

Controls in Jones on Fire are simple and intuitive. You can easily pick up the game and be playing it in seconds. All you do is tap the screen on the left side to make Jones jump, or tap on the right to make her slide. With these controls alone you’ll be sliding under obstacles, jumping logs and fire and picking up kitties like it’s going out of fashion.

The gameplay in Jones on Fire can feel a tad repetitive at times. The game features ten levels and a load of upgrades. The upgrades include increases to health and charge, improves jumping abilities and numerous pick-ups like catnip.

Buying upgrades requires that you pick up Ks (for “Kitties”) or GKs (for “Golden Kitties”) during the game. It can take a while to get enough Ks and GKs for the upgrades you want, but a multiplier is available to help you out.

In terms of health, you’ve got 2 health bars and 3 lives. Get hit by something or miss a slide and kiss a health bar goodbye. Lose both health bars and you’re back at the start of the level. Lose 3 lives and you either go back to the very beginning or pay GK to continue.


“Jones on Fire” Graphics

Jones on Fire is bright and fiery (as you may well expect), but also dark and moody in places. It creates a good amount of contrast that really makes the visuals jump out at you.

I love the blocky characters too. They’re so cute! There’s a childlike innocence to them that makes the game as much fun to look at as it is to play.



Jones on Fire Audio

The music in Jones on Fire is very relaxing and makes for a chilled-out experience.  The noises of the cats can get a little repetitive, meowing every time you pick them up. You can just turn the sound effects down if you want to, though, so it’s not really an issue.

Jones on Fire Overall

Jones on Fire has hours of gameplay, looks cute, and is so easy to pick up and play that your grandma could get to grips with it in seconds. All in all that’s a recipe for success.

for more on Jones on Fire, visit the game developers website at Glass Bottom Games.


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