Killer Instinct's Orchid Design Aims At Lara Croft Archetype

Double Helix Games are set to premiere classic Killer Instinct character Orchi on October 31st. Orchid was teased at the end of Sadira’s reveal trailer and will now receive her own expose’.

So, what do Double Helix have to get right about Orchid in Killer Instinct for XBOX One?

Orchid is, of course, one of the most important characters in the Killer Instinct series. When the original game hit the arcades back in 1994, Orchid was all the rage–either because of her bizarre pointy breasts, the fact that she was the only female in the game or because she had the biggest combo in the game. There’s also the fact that you could beat the arcade game by just repeatedly mashing crouching fierce with her.


In terms of design, Double Helix appears to have actually toned down Orchid’ sexual appeal. Much like Lara Croft she now looks much more respectable, a fine example of the strong female warrior character archetype. This is surely a good thing as any positive representation of women in games can only be a plus.

Going by her KI 1 gameplay, Orchid will most likely be a solid zoning character (Fireball, decent footsies etc).

Given the popularity of female characters in fighting games, if she’s above mid tier she could easily be one of the most popular characters in the final game.

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