Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4 Playstation 4, Same Old Game With A Facelift

Killzone Shadow Fall might look absolutely stunning but it’s precisely the same game only with better graphics. Which, ironically, is so typically Sony – failing to deliver genuinely new gameplay experience but simply pumping out the same old tripe with better visuals.


Killzone Shadow Fall was the PS4’s most hype moment during the Sony conference. It was the one game that truly showed the power of the Playstation 4. It looked absolutely stunning.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that the Killzone footage shown could just have been a pre-rendered cinematic . . . which might stir a few memories with regard to former Playstation console launches.

So, we have a game that appears to play precisely the same as older games and fails to deliver any new gameplay experience, with amazing graphics that might just be pre-rendered.

Oh dear.

Games like Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4 show developers lack of creativity

Just in case this all seems a bit Sony-hate-laden, let me just say that the Playstation 4 hardware looks stunning—I’m personally most interested about the streaming possibilities. The PS4 looks more than capable of seeing some amazing game releases, but it’s not the power of the console that matters but rather the creativity of the developers.

Now that we’re heading into a new era, you’d hope developers would make the effort to put out new gameplay experiences. Sadly, if Killzone Shadow Fall is anything to go by, PS4 games might just be the same old experience with a lick of paint.

 Come on devs, we want new gaming experiences, not Killzone with a PS4 facelift!

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