Kinect 2.0 and RPGs like Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Will Lead Microsoft’s XBOX One at E3

Kinect 2.0 and RPGs like Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will lead the way for the XBOX One and Microsoft at E3 on June 11th.

 Kinect 2.0 will lead the XBOX One at E3 on June 11th

At the XBOX One press conference, Microsoft placed a great deal of emphasis on the Kinet system. We know that Kinect 2.0 for XBOX One is so powerful that it constitutes a potential privacy issue, being able to fully replicate the player and their surroundings and, perhaps, store that information in the cloud.

Potential privacy issues aside, however, Kinect 2.0 for XBOX One also presents a very intriguing prospect for the future of video game designs. Though the original Kinect 2.0 was met with only moderate success, seeing some great games but ultimately failing to truly revolutionise gaming, there’s still plenty of reason to get excited about Kinect 2.0 for XBOX One. The sheer power of the system presents huge opportunities for video game developers. Just one problem: as of yet no games have been announced for the system, or, at least, no dedicated Kinect 2.0 games.


It’s bizarre that Microsoft should place such focus on XBOX One’s Kinect 2.0 during the systems press conference with so little games to show for it. Microsoft clearly want Kinect 2.0 to succeed. They’ve spent millions making the system, but for it to truly matter in the world of gaming, it needs to see healthy third party support.


It’s going to be important to Microsoft to truly get the Kinect 2.0 ball rolling at E3. Kinect 2.0 is a big selling point for XBOX One, and for the system to beat the PS4, it needs to succeed. We’ll see whether Kinect 2.0 has the third party support it desperately needs when E3 rolls into town on June 11th.  Given the right backing by video game developers, Kinect 2.0 could be the key ingredient to making the XBOX One the king of next generation consoles.


Another hole that was left with the XBOX One press conference was the lack of RPG games. PS4 has three confirmed RPGs. XBOX One only has one, that game being Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Withcer 3 Wild Hunt is the only RPG currently confirmed for XBOX One.

Given the popularity of the RPG genre and the fact that RPGs have long been one of the biggest genres in gaming, to only have one RPG game so far announced leaves a huge question mark over the XBOX One. We’ll expect to see much more of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and more RPGs when we report from E3 2013 next week.


As it stands, these are the two biggest question marks hanging above the XBOX One. Will Kinect 2.0 for XBOX One receive the third party support it so badly needs. And what RPG games can we expect on XBOX One? We’ll find out on June 11th.



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