Latest News on Capcom's Remember Me, Featuring Nilin, Gameplay and Combat Updates

Capcom’s Remember Me not only has Nilin (one heck of a cool character) and a slick cyberpunk style, it’s got some pretty darned inventive gameplay too, as these interview notes reveal.


Capcom’s Remember Me: The Latest Revelations from Interviews

  • At the beginning of the game, Nilin doesn’t know who she is and has to discover the truth about herself and the world she is in.
  • Nilin will have access to many different combos, which can also be customised. The combos are easy to perform but combat requires a lot of strategy.
  • The story will be told through the environment. Some of the story may be written on walla or on billboards. This makes for a greater sense of immersion.
  • Nilin will be able to access the memories of other characters
  • Every other character in the game has at least one memory that can be accessed
  • Nilin is the coolest character of the year (okay so that’s just my opinion and isn’t from any interview).
  • One of the biggest parts of the game is the ability to traverse the environment freely, climbing walls and scaling building and more.

New Remember Me Preview

Gamtrailers recently uploaded a great new preview for Remember Me, which highlights Nilin and the gameplay and combat. Check our the video HERE.


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