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Legend of Grimrock Review

Dungeon Crawlers were at their prime some twenty to thirty years ago now, at the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s. It’s a genre that’s been largely forgotten, a genre known for gruelling difficult games, when the slightest mistake would mean death. Titles like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master will bring a tear to the eyes of older gamers, rekindling for them the delights of grid-based movement, map-making and brain teasing puzzles. It’s in homage to those old, great games that Legend of Grimrock is released. Legends of Grimrock captures perfectly those dungeon crawlers of so many years ago, and though it may be twenty years too late, yet somehow, it’s still bloomin’ great! 

In Legends of Grimrock, you take command of a customisable, four-character party that you play in a first person perspective. The members of your party can be human, lizrdman, insectoid or minotaur, each of which has their own distinct strengths and weaknesses, and one of three archetypes: fighter, mage or rogue. Your party has been convicted of horrendous crimes and cast into a pit atopMountGrimrock. They’ll find redemption and freedom if they can escape.

A puzzle game but appreciatively adorned with hacking and slashing, Legends of Grimrock is a great brain trainer, at times challenging you with puzzles that will really tax your cranium, at other times demanding ninja-like keyboard and mouse dexterity. You’ll need patients, perseverance, an open mind and a healthy level of mindfulness (or at least a keen eye) to make it to the end of the game.

The combat in Legends of Grimrock is also challenging. Its real-time action mixed with grid-based movement. At first it feels counterintuitive, but you get used to it quick enough, which is just as well, as you’ll need to be on your best to be successful in combat here, dodging and weaving in intense action.


Magic in Legends of Grimrock is rune-based. Scrolls are littered about the dungeon that hold spells. There’s a levelling system though, so if your mage has enough experience in the required areas you can get new spells just by playing around with the runes. The same is true of potions, you’re given the basics like “healing” and “antidote” but you’ll find some rewarding concoctions by experimenting with the ingredients.


The graphics in Legends of Grimrock are decent enough if repetitive. The walls look identical, for example, the only difference between them being random objects like benches scattered about. But there is nevertheless an undeniable and somewhat disappointing monotony.


Despite the odd shortcomings, however, Legends of Grimrock is a fantastic game and one that really will train your brain, with its actions and its puzzles, but perhaps even more so, with its overall difficulty, which demands a healthy level of perseverance if you are to reach the end.

All in all, a truly fantastic game.


Games Like Legend of Grimrock

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