LEGO Lord of the Rings Characters. AMAZING!

When I first saw the Lego Lord of the Rings, my exact words were, “Oh my god, yes please.”

And really, who could think differently? It’s Lego—little blocks of goodness—meeting Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It’s the sort of game that is so wrong it becomes amazingly right. And anyone who doesn’t think so can chew on this Lego lord of the Ring’s screenshot of Gandalf’s “You shall not pass!

So yeah. Lego lord of the Rings.  . . wow. Anyway, now that the title is out of the way, there’s only one logical question left to ask: which is the best Lego Lord of the Rings characters?

LEGO Aragorn: Epic facial hair and a kickass big giant chopper make Aragorn look hilarious


LEGO Boromir: Look how cute Boromir’s little vest looks.



LEGO Galadriel: I cannot wait to see this cute little face say “Instead of a dark lord you would have a queen! ! ! ! ! ! !”


LEGO Gollum: He looks so startled and confused like a cute little critter. Someone is gonna have to hug Gollum.


LEGO Legolas: All right, so Legolas seems to be taking things a bit seriously by that look on his face, but we’re sure he’ll let his hair down with the rest of the party come Lego Lord of the Ring’s launch.


LEGO Gimli: He has no face and is basically Chewbacca in a knight’s uniform. What’s not to love about that?!


LEGO Sam: Best smile in the game from what we have seen so far. Sam seem impervious to the fact that Middle Earth is in peril. He must just be happy with the garden.


LEGO Frodo: Is this actually Frodo or Harry Potter? It’s hard to tell.


So, who is the best LEGO Lord of the Rings character? For me, it’s got to be between Sam (because that smile could light up the world) and Gimli, who surely is going to get his axe caught in his hair and end up decapitating himself (this could be an interesting plot twist.  . .will it happen? . . . no, no it won’t. .  .)


.So, all your favourite characters in LEGO Lord of the Rings are looking awesome, and apparently Harry-Frodo-Potter even makes a showing. Naturally, I cannot wait for this freaking awesome-looking game. Bring it on!


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