Life Lessons from Gaming

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 6)      You’ll get by with a little help from your friends

Good friends are hard to come by. Oh sure, you’ll find plenty of morons

but good friends, the ones who listen and who have your back, they’re harder to find. Look after them. Avoid friendly fire. Make sure their spirit level is high, keep them in good health and your friendship is sure to pay dividends in the end.

7)      Sometimes, a Step Backwards is a Step Forwards

You might be eager to make it to the finishing line and you’re not likely to appreciate having to take steps backwards at times, but in the long run, it’s quicker to go back and catch up on what you missed than to end up at a dead-end, having to start again from the beginning.

8)      Every failure is a step to success

You’re going to die. . . eventually, but every time you fail, life goes on. Yes, real life is packed full of credits and continues so there’s no need to sweat it if you fail once or twice, just get back up, hit “Continue” and carry on.

9)      Take time to reward yourself

Games reward virtually for every single thing we do. You killed a goat? Have some XP. You fell down a massive hole? Don’t worry, it’s a hidden area anyway! You accidentally blew up the world? Here’s a beautiful visual!  Rewarding yourself for your action motivates you to act more in the future, so do something and reward yourself already!

10)      Visuals and gameplay trump all

When it’s all said and done, you’ll surely be a hero, so you don’t need to stress and worry about work and responsibilities all the time. Enjoy yourself! Appreciate visual candy, fool around and have a laugh. Life is made of moments, so enjoy every one of them!



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