List of Games Like Faster Than Light

IN this list of games like Faster Than Light we’ve considered games for a number of factors. First off, we’veĀ consideredĀ games of the same genre: top down real time strategy games. We’ve also considered science fiction games that share FTLs theme. Finally, we’ve considered things like whether the game is a roguelike, whether it’s indie etc etc.

Bear in mind, however, that part of the reason why Faster Than Light has gained such popularity is because of its originality. There aren’t a ton of games like Faster Then Light out there!

So, here are the games most like Faster Than Light

Games Like Faster Than Light

Battleships Forever

Infested Planet

Anomaly: Warzone Earth



Sins of a Solar Empire

Or try standard RTSs like Age of Empires / Total War / Medieval etc.


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