Luminux Review

Luminux is a unique take on the Tetris formula with randomly appearing blocks that appear anywhere on the screen at any time. You need to match three quares of the same colour. Sounds simple, right? It isn’t. Games developer Pelagic Games have added plenty of challenge to this Android, iOC, Windows Phone and PC title.

As you play Luminux you’ll rack up a score so long as you stay alive, but if you match blocks and perform combos you’ll gain extra points. To do this you’ll move squares that have been spawned into a grid. Move the squares in any direction, pushing them up to the edge. When you match squares of the same colour they’ll disappear and you’ll clean up the room. Keep going until you reach a certain score. Then you’ll proceed onto the next level. In premise it’s easy, but there’s a high difficulty level.


There are six different modes in Luminux. You’ll unlock the modes as you reach a certain rank. The different modes have different rules, with the last mode being for die hard strategists. As you play through each of the different modes you’ll need to employ different challenges in order to clear the levels.

Both the concept and the visual design of Luminux is very simple. The graphics are 2D and use bright colours with panning backgrounds. The score is shown at the top of the screen. The soundtrack is likewise simplistic and is also fast, matching the gameplay. All in all the gameplay, graphics and sound come together to create a beautiful, fast paced, bright experience.

The game is short unless you are absolutely determined to master it and to rake up the highest score possible.  But there is enough replay value to keep you hooked.

Luminux knows what it is and delivers a solid experience. Everything comes together to create a compelling puzzle strategy game that fans of the genre will love.



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