Making of EightSquared: Curiously Inspiring!

The guys over at Gamigo recently released a new making-of video for EightSquared and oh-boy does it look stylish and sexy.


Otherland, the fantasy world of EightSquared, is a Victorian land in which the NPCs live out their days like real people, with a very high degree of artificial intelligence that sees them performing work and activities with a logical sense of progression (a fisherman catches fish and then actually sells them t the market, for instance). This serves as a very realistic background on which the surrealism of the fantasy finds sharp contrast.

Otherland, as it turns out, is actually a simulation of war, the land being representative of the squares on a chessboard. As the game progresses, the player discovers that all is not well in Otherland as binary starts to appear in water and on walls. This is where the revelation of the making-of ends, and it’s a real teaser. What is the reality of Otherland? What is going on between the two opposing armies, the reds and the whites? And if Otherland is a simulation, who created it?


There’s a heck of a lot to this making-of to really sink your teeth into. Perhaps the most exciting thing about it, however, is the amount of exploration and curiosity the land inspires. So, just what the heck is going on? Check out the video below and leave your thoughts on this below.


Title: EightSquared

Release Date: Q1/2012
Platforms: TBA
Publisher: Gamigo
Developer: dtp Entertainment
Genres: MMO, Role-Playing


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