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Klei Entertainment’s Mark of the Ninja is one of the best games on XBOX Live this year and one of the best stealth games ever. That’s our opinions. When it comes to buying a game, though, you want the opinion of more than any one site. So, here’s the run-down of the best Mark of the Ninja Reviews. The heightest score Mark of the Ninja received from the reviews we read was ten out of ten from Destructoid, and the lowest was 8 / 10 from Edge.

Mark of the Ninja Reviews from Around the World

Mark of the Ninja illustrates how Xbox Live Arcade continues to be a breeding ground for some of today’s most creative content. This is stealth done right, with the presentation prowess to match. It’s easily a contender for Xbox Live Arcade Game of the Year and it absolutely deserves a place in your digital game collection.
IGN 9/ 10


A game that never rests on its laurels and offers ample replay value, Mark of the Ninja is a much-needed shot in the arm for Live Arcade’s lacklustre summer offering.

EuroGamer 9/10


Klei’s Saturday morning cartoon style visuals intersect smoothly with your ninja’s slinky animation and flowing moves, and the range of visual effects (position-betraying lightning strikes, a blurred fog of war-style filter on activity beyond your sight line) folds neatly back into the game’s light-and-shadow based stealth systems. The result is a slick and striking game, one with presentation worthy of the potent and flexible set of powers at its core.
EDGE 8 / 10


Flawless Victory: A 10/10 is close to perfect as you will get in this *genre*. Pure, untarnished videogame ecstasy. Check out more games we’ve inducted into Destructoid’s ‘Editor’s Choice’ hall of fame.
Destructoid 10/ 10


A lot of modern games sacrifice depth and playability in pursuit of other goals, but Mark of the Ninja enjoys an abundance of both. Fast yet measured, breezy yet deep, and above all highly replayable, it’s a game that stands as a refreshing example of stealth action done right.
GamesRader 4.5 / 5


For all its twists and buildup, Mark of the Ninja’s story ends with a bit of a whimper, but the game it’s wrapped around is one that welcomes repeated play even after you’ve seen it through the first time. Just like those that inspired it, this slick, demanding game inspires you to revel in the grim possibilities it offers. And when it comes to the precision of its execution, it might just have something to teach the big dogs.
Gametrailers 9 / 10


Even if you’ve never liked a stealth game, you shouldn’t miss Mark of the Ninja. It redefines the silent assassin. Klei said it looked to games like Thief and Tenchu when building Ninja. But the next time someone tries to make a game about sneaking around and killing from cover, they will have to take a long, hard look at Mark of the Ninja.
Venturebeat 93 / 100


Mark of the Ninja is an interesting take on the stealth genre. The ability to play it however you want is great, plus the challenges will test your skills. Sadly the story could use some work, but it’s not really like Klei or digital games are known for deep stories. Long story short, if you enjoyed Shank or want a new stealth game, pick up Mark of the Ninja.
JustPushStart 8.1 / 10


Tense, strategic, and hard to put down, Mark of the Ninja is one of the welcome surprises of the year. If you miss the heyday of pure stealth-focused games, or you never played a great stealth game and wonder what all the fuss is about, Klei Entertainment just snuck out of nowhere to offer you a weekend’s worth of fun.
GameInformer 9 / 10


This may seem a little preemptive, but it’s easy to say that Mark of the Ninja will end up being one of the best (if not the best) game released on Xbox LIVE Arcade this year. Everything about this game screams creativity and straightforward fun, something that’s been missing from the more experimental titles released recently. At only 1200 Microsoft Points, it’s a steal for a game that stacks up to more than a few full priced released. Skip this at your own risk, because you’ll be missing one of the year’s best downloadable titles.

Wegotthiscovered 9 / 10


Mark of the Ninja does a great job of bringing stealth based gameplay into the 2D space. It may seem simple at first, but you’ll soon be dangling from your grappling hook, shooting out lights and distracting guards with the best of them. If you’re looking for a new XBLA game to kill a few hours before the busy season starts, Mark of the Ninja will happily kill those hours for you. With a knife from behind, most likely.
TheControllerOnline.Com 8/ 10

So, there you have it. Mark of the Ninja is one of the best games of the year. Klei Entertainment have given the gaming world one of the best stealth games it has ever seen. And it costs just 1200 Microsoft Points. Quite frankly, you’d have to be mad not to get this game. It’s that damn good.

Mark of the Ninja Overall: 9 / 10


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