Max’s Pirate Planet Game Review

Max’s Pirate Planet is Slant six Games’ new 3-D pass n play title in which you’ll get to explore the world hunting for treasure.  

You begin Max’s Pirate Planet as one of five characters: Alex the boy, Finn the shark, Skully the skeleton, Emma the girl and rusty the fox. Choose one character and the computer will play the rest.

To start the game you spin the wheel of bones, which tell syou how many moves you can make. You’re then taken to the game board and get to choose your path and move your character.

With each turn you will be given wither a teleportation gate or a card. Picking the card may allow you to move extra spaces, transport you to some treasure or send you right back to the start. The teleportation gate takes you to a random place on the game board. If you land on a treasure chest you’ll get to play one of the many different mini games in which you will fight against a monster that is protecting the treasure. Beat that monster and you’ll grab your reward.  

The objective of the game is to collect four treasure chests. If at any point you happen to land on the same spot as your opponent you’ll enter my favourite part of the game which is the head to head battles. To fight an opponent you’ll use swords and cannon balls and if you beat your opponent you’ll take on of their treasure chests.

Once you have managed to collect your four chests you have to fight Barnacle Bill, the final boss. Knock him down and you will win the game, but if you lose you have to try again on the next turn.

 You can probably tell from the description that this is a simple game that is best for kids. Probably the maximum age of player who will enjoy the game is around 11. Kids under that age will enjoy the game.

There is a definite frustration that comes from having to wait for the NPCs to complete their turns rather than just skipping when you don’t have four players. Kids are certain to get bored waiting (and this could be fixed extremely easily).   It would be good if there were some different difficulty levels too, so as to accommodate for players of different ages (a 5 year old needs a very different difficulty to a 10 year old, for instance). Other than this, however, I must say that Max’s Pirate Planet is a truly fun game that kids will enjoy.

OVERALL 4 out of 5

for more visit the game developers website. 

Paul Harrison

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