MechWarrior Online Story from River City Trailer

Watching this trailer for MechWarrior Online, one thing becomes blatantly clear: game developers near to hire actors to read for their promo videos.
The reason I say that is simple: the story as explained in this Mech Warrior video sounds cool, but the way the guy reads it is. . . well, uninspired and lacking zeal.


Now, obviously, Piranha Games should hire me to read for their future promos. . .

But that’s enough a about me.

Check out the MechWarrior Online River City Rush trailer below. It’s well written, and the foggy, moody, atmospheric visuals really create a sense a deathly stillness which shows the devastation of the war. .. I just wish this trailer had been read better.

Actually, to be totally fair to the guy reading this trailer, my actor-sense is tingling with the suspicion that the reason he’s not reading it well is bad direction: the video seems to strike halfway between being a simple, formal reading and a performance.. the problem with that is that it achieves neither successfully.

Paul Harrison

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