Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain Coming To PS4

Hideo Kojima is up to his usual antics, doing some highly creative marketing work for Metal Gear Solid 5 : Phantom Pain. In the previous Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer we saw a character– who quite clearly was Solid Snake– crawling around a hospital ward.

The new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer is even more mysterious than the first, including a message in morse code and a barely-ledgible message at around 40 seconds in.

There’s no doubt that Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid 5, for a number of reasons. FIrstly, the character in the previous trailers looks and moves precisely like Solid Snake. Then cryptic style of the trailers is synonymous with Metal Gear Solid. More than this, though, the Playstation 4 is coming out in November. Both Sony and Kojima Productions obviously want to profit from Metal Gear Solid’s huge fanbase. After all, is there any other title that will make players want a PS4 more than Metal Gear Solid 5? . . . Didn’t think so.


Watch the new trailer here. 

Paul Harrison

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