Mobile Game Review: Alpha Aquilae, a Unique Tower Defense Game

Alain Kaczmarek’s new game, Alpha Aquilae, is a unique, challenging and extremely playable tower defense game for iOS.

Is this the most unique tower defense game ever? (hint: the answer is no but it’s not far off either)

In Alpha Aquilae you are put in command of a stunningly beautiful constellation of stars. It’s you mission to prevent the stars from being infected with dark matter. Clearly, this isn’t your standard tower defense game; the idea in itself is absolutely ingenious (I’m not sure if there are other constellation-theme tower defense games but either way the idea is a real star—get it, real star. . . oh never mind).

To defend your stars you need to set up defences, power them, then have them orbit stars and eliminate the dark matter cells.  Doing so if not easy. This game packs one heck of a challenge.

So, genius idea but how is it carried off? The layout is simple but the gameplay is not. It takes quite a while to work out what is going on (even for well honed tower defence gamers). The graphics are minimalist but (important but) look excellent nonetheless.  The game has a very unique feel and atmosphere that gamers will eat up.

Because of both the complex gameplay and the unique style, Alpha Aquilae is definitely not for all comers. Personally, I absolutely love the style of the game, but I know many other gamers will not. The challenge is hard too, which again some will love and others will hate. Even the theme, being set in space, is either going to be hit or miss for a lot of players.

So, what we have with Alpha Aquilae is one of the most unique tower defence games I have ever played. Being that here on GamePlayersReview we value unique and creative titles above all other types of games, I’m left little choice but to praise this title. It isn’t for everybody, but those who do appreciate its style are going to absolutely LOVE it.

  Overall: 4 out of 5. 

for more, visit the game developer’s website. 

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