Mobile Game Review: Eyes–The Horror Game

Mobile gaming truly is in a golden age, with many of the most creative games in the world being released for mobile platforms, made by daring developers who are willing to take creative risks. Some times their efforts fail and we see a game that truly is a horror. Other times their efforts pay off and we see a horror game like Eyes—The Horror Game, one of the most creative, original and best horror games I’ve played in ages.

The horror genre has seen numerous great games of late, with Slender being one of the best. What these horror games do well is create a horrific sense of atmosphere that will scare the pants off you. Eyes—The Horror Game is one of those games that understands the true key to horror. It isn’t in tons of monsters and gore, it’s in a sense of helplessness. Eyes—The Horror Game creates in the player that deep sense of terror of being utterly helpless.

In the game you play a thief who makes the mistake of breaking into a house to grab some loot. You’re aiming to nab twenty bags of gold. More important, however, is that you escape before the inevitable horror happens.

A virtual stick on the right lets you move while sliding your finger allows you to look around. You can pick up items by tapping and open doors by walking into them. The controls are simple and you’ll  get used to them immediately. That said, they can be a little wonky.

You’ll be willing to forgive the sometimes dodgy controls thanks to the atmosphere of the game. I played it during the day and so avoided the true horror of playing on a dark night, but Eyes—The Horror Game was scary nonetheless. And despite its short length, I have to say that Eyes—The Horror Game is one of the scariest mobile games I’ve ever played.

Check out more on this excellent horror game over at the game developers website.



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